PET CHANGES & WINTER UPDATE ❄ November Developer Update in Adopt Me! on Roblox

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Пре 19 дана

Josh & Jesse sit down to discuss new hires at Adopt Me, future updates, and how far ahead we're thinking ❄🐕 We also answer your questions, taken directly from the Discord server! ✅❓
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bella ashe
bella ashe Пре 17 минута
Me:*toughs its the Christmas update* Also me: I’m so exited they will show Christmas things Adopt me: *talks so much*
MELANY GARCIA Пре 37 минута
In adopt me
MELANY GARCIA Пре 37 минута
I got scammed
Christopher MOMO
Christopher MOMO Пре 4 сата
Omg Thank You For Every update you guys have Done I love you guys I want to support you guys forever
Alin Peretz
Alin Peretz Пре 4 сата
MY OFFER FOR TOMBSTONE IS : two scooters and normal kit normal dodo snow man plush and 🍋 stand If someone interested pls tell your user :)
Ella Laubach
Ella Laubach Пре 4 сата
for christmas i would love like a new type of dragon like in the modle of the frost dragon, i love those pets but i dont have one
Sandra Breunig
Sandra Breunig Пре 4 сата
can you plsssssssss make frost again plsssssss i wasn't there last year and that's a shame plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
rikk3440 rikk3440
rikk3440 rikk3440 Пре 5 сати
the three headed dog has 9 heads
yasmine byron
yasmine byron Пре 6 сати
Is there going to be polar bear?
The 5 BFFs
The 5 BFFs Пре 6 сати
may I give you an idea for a new update? I feel like you could like make jobs in adopt me, where grown-ups go to work and get paid. i also suggest that you make a shopping mall with all the shops.
G Neverland
G Neverland Пре 9 сати
Idea Pet: Donut Bear Candy Cow Ginger Dog Choco Bunny Temporary Pet for the even: Gumdrop/Snowman
The.onlyweeb Пре 9 сати
PLEASE LISTIN!!! I'm actually the person. to Ask for the Fly And ride potion I was 8 when this happen and i'm very happy that you actually made it Thank you!
Eunice_Official YT
Eunice_Official YT Пре 9 сати
can add a pet on adopt me a snake,zebra,squirel,and and eagle please!!!!!
La_Persona Cute
La_Persona Cute Пре 9 сати
adopt mecan aggiornament new map crismas plsss
Maisie Parsons-hughes
Maisie Parsons-hughes Пре 10 сати
Do a lava dragon a cupid dragon and a angel dragon And I have a a idear for the Christmas update a ice unicorn a fire ball in pizza place a neon potion and a cellphone update u get it in the baby shop u have to find five ginger bread to get it add calanders in edit house for free add elvs in make whether in adopt me made it so u can work in adopt me and play as a pet :) sorry if its to much but all of these I hope will come out
Edith Jelluma
Edith Jelluma Пре 10 сати
ı got scammed for my giraffe
Twin_ Roblox
Twin_ Roblox Пре 11 сати
I love the robo dogs thx so much for bringing it out 🐶😽✊🏻😍🌟⛅️🌈💥🌤☀️✨
Rilyn’s Journey
Rilyn’s Journey Пре 11 сати
also i would LOVE for all of the out of game eggs to come back for limited time only
Rilyn’s Journey
Rilyn’s Journey Пре 11 сати
so i think you guys are the developers and Adopt Me made me so addicted I play it Everyday and I love the game except for i don’t have my dps frost dragon, Evil unicorn, Shadow dragon, Girrafe and also a flamingo
Ravindran T C
Ravindran T C Пре 12 сати
Hey I have an idea it's new player's join the game and in the store free neon potion will that be cool pls do this
mayzie burgess
mayzie burgess Пре 14 сати
It would be so cool if you add trade Furniture
Clayton Kalisek
Clayton Kalisek Пре 14 сати
I am making a neon T. rex my friend I’d making a mega neon kitsune she needs to grown all her neon kitsune
Clayton Kalisek
Clayton Kalisek Пре 14 сати
Yay for adopt me
The Guinea Pigs snuggles
The Guinea Pigs snuggles Пре 16 сати
Hello like if you play adopt me 👇
Lil AppleBlossom
Lil AppleBlossom Пре 16 сати
An idea for an update one day might be to be able to pet your pets! You could click/tap them and your character would bend down and pet them! Some cool Christmas pets I would love to see in Adopt Me are: A gingerbread-man, a snowman, a penguin, a dove, and a cardinal! I also have some ideas for future eggs! I would love to see a garden egg, reptile egg, or ocean egg! Have a great day/night! XOXO Lil AppleBlossom
mary christine simora
mary christine simora Пре 16 сати
winter update are sooo cool i wonder what will it look like this winter update :o and maybe new pets!!?? :o
Neilisha Bassawan
Neilisha Bassawan Пре 17 сати
Avery Doan
Avery Doan Пре 18 сати
The tree headed wolf has 3 heads
Andrea Navarro
Andrea Navarro Пре 20 сати
This years Christmas update I bet is the best cause adopt me is the best keep up the good work also stay safe from covid adopt me
Alfredo Quiroz
Alfredo Quiroz Пре 21 сат
The cerberus has 3 heads
Alfredo Quiroz
Alfredo Quiroz Пре 21 сат
Im a big fan of adopt me its one of my favorites
Delicate Dancer
Delicate Dancer Пре 23 сата
Anyone else think that adopt me should be a app? Since it is a huge game it should be a app so it’s not crashing Roblox and it wold be awsome. Plz adopt me team do it 💛
Miarela Serrano-Ortiz
Miarela Serrano-Ortiz Пре 23 сата
one question can the pets be less cheaper like some 200 some 500 some 600 like that piz
ChewyCatbubblegum 24’yut
ChewyCatbubblegum 24’yut Пре 23 сата
For some reason I’m thinking of this one pet: Santa clause
Roblox girls!!
Roblox girls!! Пре дан
clare smith
clare smith Пре дан
You should add a snowflake egg as a Christmas!
Abigail Ore
Abigail Ore Пре дан
Hey Adopt me Question you guy send me a link to a private server for the winner for November 2020 winner is this true? I don't want to get hack
Pratibha Malhotra
Pratibha Malhotra Пре дан
My suggestion Snow egg:gives every snow pet in adopt me like snow cat Mini game: Igloo building Penguin catching New winter merch
Krizzia Mae Santiago
Krizzia Mae Santiago Пре дан
hello guys please dont forget the tombstone bc i love tombstone but i tried my best i tried to trade my fr unicorn for tombstone but they said nty so pls dont forget a free tombstone pls🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 its my only favorite game adopt me in roblox
Vitória Emanuelly
Vitória Emanuelly Пре дан
New Forest of irmão
Rorie Richardson
Rorie Richardson Пре дан
Like last year you should do the big calendar
Rorie Richardson
Rorie Richardson Пре дан
I love adopt me I have been playing for four years thanks to you I love Roblox
Heaven Capper
Heaven Capper Пре дан
I think the neon position is a bad idea aswell
Heaven Capper
Heaven Capper Пре дан
Thx u for. Putting. The fossil pets in adopt me I really like the ground sloth it's so cute😻
Sharanya Mishra
Sharanya Mishra Пре дан
I love roblox and adopt me
It's me Angel
It's me Angel Пре дан
Some Christmas accessories for pets - Santa hat - snowflake necklace - crystal ball hat
John Ernest Denmark Bonaobra
John Ernest Denmark Bonaobra Пре дан
You guys should make a snowman dodo and call it a snowdo/snodo so t Rex will be for Halloween and the dodo for Christmas
John Ernest Denmark Bonaobra
John Ernest Denmark Bonaobra Пре дан
Plus don't add neon potions neon pets would just lose value☹️
Sam_will_sing For_you
Sam_will_sing For_you Пре дан
Pls add a yeti penguin its veryy cool to
Sunia Tanveer
Sunia Tanveer Пре дан
You can make a snow egg. Which pets I have a idea 💡. It could be a snow man pet. A snow bunny. A snow camel.snow leopard. That's the idea i hope you makeone of these pets. Bye
Joan Villamor
Joan Villamor Пре дан
Pls add these pet ideas and these house ideas pls Pet/house ideas: The wall (from henry stickmin), snow dog, sea otter, coffee shop(from henry stickmin)
Vera Cookie Playz CZ
Vera Cookie Playz CZ Пре дан
Hello! I have some ideas for the next updates! You should add BANK (You add money in the bank and you can pick the money up or donate to people) Then I think we would appreciate FOREST! (Along with with tents(you can place it somewhere and sleep in it),bigger trees(Home decoration),some apple trees/orange trees..etc. ,shopping carts and bigger shop!(More food) Like if you agree!
Elisa Bourbois
Elisa Bourbois Пре дан
What I think u should add is a way to get fly and ride potions with adopt me money cuse some of us cant afford roubux. If u did add a way I think it should cost 1'000$
rahila Arslan
rahila Arslan Пре дан
New eggs Ice egg Pets in it Legendary snow owl Ultra rares seal Rare moose Uncommon snow tiger Common snow leapord
rahila Arslan
rahila Arslan Пре дан
New pets Snow owl plss add it and make it for ginger bread man Snow tiger Seal . Red fox 🦊 pls
Robloxadoptme Пре дан
Crystal Pitts
Crystal Pitts Пре дан
Are they going to be a Christmas tree
Manda l
Manda l Пре дан
I wish you guys would update the gifts by the school house. Do something new with that area. Other than that great game and keep going!!
Simin H
Simin H Пре дан
hi josh and jesse! i was wondering if you guys could bring back the christmas egg! it means a lot to me and i never got to open one; but this year would be great because i plan to make a neon arctic fox! i also thought it would be cool if the hedgehogs could come back! they're super cute and a hedgehog is my dream pet; these items would really make my christmas wish come true; a very merry christmas to everyone working on and playing adopt me! :D
Areyana Caudle
Areyana Caudle Пре дан
can you guys please make it to wear i can get a unicorn when i hatch a cracked egg
Wolfie Juls
Wolfie Juls Пре дан
Please add a white or a normal Tiger! Idea of the white tiger from: Natalieee Lol Idea of the normal tiger: Wolfe Juls
Strawberry milk army
Strawberry milk army Пре дан
Ideas: present stroller or ornament stroller or candy cane car
Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍁 when thanksgiving come can you make a thanksgiving egg and event
Denise Goldberg
Denise Goldberg Пре дан
you could include stockings
werid girl
werid girl Пре дан
Meghan Browning
Meghan Browning Пре дан
Add a frost unicorn plz 😁
Dragon Army
Dragon Army Пре дан
Arham A4253
Arham A4253 Пре дан
Things that I would like you guys to add in the game Mermaid egg: pets would be... Shark(legendary) Narwal(legendary) Whale(ultra rare) btw it would be my dp Stingray(ultra rare) Jelly fish (rare) Pufferfish(rare) Fish(common) Octopus(ultra rare) Clam (ultra rare) Me and my sister were thinking for the next egg you could make a mermaid egg and an underwater castle with mini games because me and my sister really enjoyed the Halloween mini games more ideas for eggs Critter egg: Butterfly Ant Caterpillar Beetle Dragonfly Wasp Grasshopper Ideas for Christmas Ginger bear (i would love that) Candy cow ...... (Event pet) Snow man? I'm not sure on that one lol Husky and umm I'm pretty sure thats it thanks oh yeah and also please make sure to add a new Spider pet next halloween please I hope your reading this bye
Arham A4253
Arham A4253 Пре дан
like my ideas if you want them to really happen the one above with the Mermaid egg ideas
Arham A4253
Arham A4253 Пре дан
oh yeah and forgot to mention a new seal pet for the mermaid egg would be cool
Shevrib world and pixel gun 3D
Shevrib world and pixel gun 3D Пре дан
I love adopt me if you do not play you need to play adopt me
Shevrib world and pixel gun 3D
Shevrib world and pixel gun 3D Пре дан
Make free pet
Becky Smith
Becky Smith Пре дан
it have 3
Lyla.B XoxGaming
Lyla.B XoxGaming Пре дан
Pets I want Snow owl! Candy cane moose! Snow leopard! Dove! GingerBread dog! Donkey (sounds stupid but nativity you know!) Frozen unicorn Please add some! The snow owl and snow leapord aren't my idea! Stay safe 😊♥️
Lyla.B XoxGaming
Lyla.B XoxGaming Пре дан
Lyla.B XoxGaming
Lyla.B XoxGaming Пре дан
OMG YES!!! PLEASE DO THE THING FOR FASTER PET AGING! I really need to make neons but loads of people make me overpay for fully grown pets!!!
ツ Maria ツ
ツ Maria ツ Пре дан
Their voice 😻-
VerseGacha Guertler
VerseGacha Guertler Пре дан
Please Put Back Penguins For Christmas/ Winter! they Were HILARIOUS (The Ones On The Frozen Lake, Pet Penguins Are Still Here)
ThaniaBenni Official
ThaniaBenni Official Пре дан
I’m begging for the neon potion like I would probably buy one like every damn day but my idea for it is.. You still need 4 of the pet to make it neon the potion is just that so then you don’t have to have them full grown. :D
Cindy Mitchell
Cindy Mitchell Пре дан
That will take away the value of neon legendary pets though neon potions shouldn't be a thing bc anyone can buy them and there won't be good ways to make money! Making neons can make u 1k in just 20 minutes or something
Rawan Dahdouh
Rawan Dahdouh Пре дан
Including a ginger bread unicorn 🦄
cupcake sprinkles
cupcake sprinkles Пре 2 дана
Gingerbread bear,(rare) candy cow,(rare) christmas light giraffe,(legandary) snow dragon,(ultra-rare) ice uni,(ultra-rare) candy cane owl,(legandary) lolly pop panda(rare) ,santa dog(uncommon) ,frostcat(uncommon)
Cassandra Bradbury
Cassandra Bradbury Пре 2 дана
Have a snow owl plss
Alexa Newton
Alexa Newton Пре 2 дана
thank you
Alexa Newton
Alexa Newton Пре 2 дана
could we PLEASE have good pets this time because in the haloween update those wherent very good pets and even one is stull in the game so could you step it up a noch for christmas
Laney the Wolf!ꨄ
Laney the Wolf!ꨄ Пре 2 дана
Hi adopt me fans! I was wondering... Can you make a snow owl or a ice bat dragon ? Hmm or a yeti!!
EYA CHANNEL Пре 2 дана
unicorne cat in adopt me please
Rob Smith
Rob Smith Пре 2 дана
Just for an update pets you could add: hipo moose pet angel free pet pizza that will last forever and i was wondering about the ocen egg that could come every summer you know how you make the birds fly just do that but with fish 🐟🦈AND A PET POODLE 🐩
kayla gros
kayla gros Пре 2 дана
So i have been thinking of the winter update and i these are some pets that i think will be cool Arctic legendary Candy cane dragon legendary Candy owl ultra rare Snow owllegendary Candy egg rare Candy dragon legendary Snow egg legendary Snowball pet ultra rare Snowball egg common And last but not least GINGERBREAD DRAGON
sasa sariati
sasa sariati Пре 2 дана
I will add the pet at winter if u will add it: Snow bear(ultra-rare or rare) Snow Ginger(Rare) Oof i dont know what another idea again hehehe sorry
Alpha Wolfie For real
Alpha Wolfie For real Пре 2 дана
it would be cute if they added instead of the frost dragon and ice dragon and it was all white but only it doesn’t cost roebucks
Berlun Durna
Berlun Durna Пре 2 дана
Pagasus please is my favorite pet
Ethanzxstwar Zamora
Ethanzxstwar Zamora Пре 2 дана
For Christmas update
Ethanzxstwar Zamora
Ethanzxstwar Zamora Пре 2 дана
You should do this for Christmas update the eggs that you should add is a candy cane egg ice egg Christmas egg and the animals are reindeer a swan polar bear candy frost candy polar bear robin and candy riendeer
Ocean Cookie Playz
Ocean Cookie Playz Пре 2 дана
Hi! Can you pls turn the kits white for the winter update? Username: lia_meowplayz
Valerie Padilla
Valerie Padilla Пре 2 дана
Hey is it ok if I email adopt some pet ideas I have a few designs for the upcoming winter update👍🏼 I need your permissions though
Kira Holst
Kira Holst Пре 2 дана
Hey can you have a wolf in the winter update please I love wolf's and if you do add a wolf please can you give it to me for free my roblox name is Zonkey1001 and I have the purple hair and I have a wolf shirt on and I am a girl . Thank you for your time
Chloe Christmas
Chloe Christmas Пре 2 дана
Could u do like a snow egg and a ice egg, and get pets with doing the challenges but also doing it when u help people quests to earn whatever
Maryam Diyar
Maryam Diyar Пре 2 дана
My Christmas ideas is Gingerbread bear mini elf
Kamaljit Kaur
Kamaljit Kaur Пре 2 дана
Add a Christmas tree in the center of map and maybe very night everyone gets a present that’s under the tree!Maybe pets or cars or toys!
Joy Ndunda
Joy Ndunda Пре 2 дана
My ideas are make everything for roblox and things past 500 bucks also
Joy Ndunda
Joy Ndunda Пре 2 дана
Yep for sure
Mõchã beãr
Mõchã beãr Пре 2 дана
Uhhh i hope you see this adopt me. I have a idea... if its true that the water Pets is coming then ya could make a Island for the water pets where it’s adopt me under water!
Pandicorn Bella
Pandicorn Bella Пре 2 дана
Christmas pet ideas: Candycane dog (common) Elf cat (common) Snowman (uncommon) Crystal Buffalo (uncommon) Green and red bear (rare) Moose with glowing antlers (rare) *also inspired by Natalieee lol :)* Gingerbread pet (ultra rare) Santa pet?? (Ultra rare) Santa Giraffe (legendary) Green and red unicorn with a Christmas hat (legendary) Christmas egg ideas: Elf egg (ultra rare) - 32% common 27% uncommon 63% rare 23% ultra rare 11% legendary Crystal egg with Christmas lights (ultra rare) - 21% common 32% uncommon 41% rare 19% ultra rare 15% legendary Santa egg (legendary) - 43% common 23% uncommon 52% rare 50% ultra rare 10% legendary Events: Ice skating area (New house) Santa house Gingerbread hunt every 20 mins *all done! Hope u like it it took a long time to think of updates or events my back hurts now anyways thanks for reading bye 💖*
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